About us

acm austrian capital management Ltd., Salzburg, established in 2002, is a family-owned company.
We specialise in long-term investments in enterprises; our affiliate SOCRATES Holding Ltd.
is specialised in real estate.


Value creation

acm acts nowadays as a management holding for the support, administration and further development of investments. We do not only offer capital, but we’re creating also significant added value through our extensive operational and strategic experience. We help to implement this development potential in our portfolio companies.


The focus of all our efforts is the human being – customers and staff in our portfolio and in our partner companies. In trustful collaboration we constantly pursue common goals and try to recognise and promote the strengths of each individual. We see ourselves in every respect as a reliable team player working at eye level. That’s why we pursuit long-term partnerships wherever possible. Our focus is on medium-sized companies.

Real Estate

In the segment of real estate we focus on properties in good locations with a long-range upside potential. The main focus here is to ensure a reasonable long-term utilisation of our buildings.

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